To prolong the life of your swimsuit we recommend washing your swimsuit by hand in cool water with a mild detergent after each swim. Do not use any detergents that contain bleach, a mild hand soap will do the trick. 

At the very least please rinse your swimsuit in water after each wear, the saltwater can crisp your fabric and it won't feel nice to wear. 

Although our swimsuits are made using recycled materials they still shed microfibres, to minimise this please do not put your suit in a washing machine. The machine can also damage straps and tangle areas of your suit. 


Line dry flat in the shade as exposure to sun for prolonged periods may discolour some fabrics. 
Please do not ever put in the dryer as heat settings can damage the materials.  


We ask you to respect your purchase and wear this piece until it is no longer suitable or worn out.
Please do not hesitate to reach out if you ever need a repair, we are happy to accommodate these when possible.